...into the LOVEFiLM fire

So to continue where my previous post left off, on Monday morning I signed up for my free trial with LOVEFiLM and added some films to my queue (actually I just copied over my BlockBuster queue) and sat back and waited for something to be allocated and sent out.

At the end of the working day I was still waiting, and starting to think that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea when, at about 7pm, the LOVEFiLM web site was replaced by a maintenance message. Six hours later when I went to bed it was still there and I was definitely starting to think this may have been a bad idea.

Tuesday morning came round, and the web site was back and, a few hours later, some films got allocated so I sat back and waited for them to change to dispatched. Once again the end of the day came and there was no sign of any further change.

Wednesday morning arrived and I was already resigned to having to wait until at least Thursday to receive anything when I noticed that, mid-morning, a dispatch date had appeared. Not paying any attention to the detail I assumed they had just been dispatched and would probably arrive the next day.

The pleasant surprise was to get home and find them on the mat - when I looked the dispatch date was in fact Tuesday, but it didn’t get shown on my account until Wednesday morning.

So far then LOVEFiLM seems to be teetering on the edge - not obviously excellent but not obviously crap either. Time will not doubt tell.

Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes
Software Engineer, Developer and system administrator for OpenStreetMap

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