Out of the BlockBuster frying pan...

So for about the last eighteen months I’ve been using BlockBuster’s DVD by post service and, aside from them never paying my QuidCo cashback, things have generally been working fine.

Lately however they have started to annoy me - things at the top of my list for months on end with no sign of them being sent out, ignoring requests to send out more envelopes, a web site that frequently refuses to adjust priorities or delete items from the queue for hours on end and so on.

The final straw was when I tried to report a faulty disk (which gets a replacement sent out immediately instead of them waiting for the disk to come back) and was told I had reported too many faulty disks in the last 30 days. That might have been okay except that it was 56 days since I had last reported a fault disk!

To add insult to injury they ignored my email reporting this apparent bug in their web site.

So I started looking at other options and found that LOVEFiLM charge the same price (or less if you pay for several months at a time) and seem to have a rather better web site.

So I decided it was time to try the competition and see if they could do better than BlockBuster

Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes
Software Engineer, Developer and system administrator for OpenStreetMap

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