LinkFS is a freeware program for RISC OS computers. It implements symbolic links to directories in the RISC OS 3 filer using an image filing system.

The current version of LinkFS is 2.04, which can be obtained from here.

Version 2 of LinkFS is a complete rewrite with a number of new features. It is also a 26/32 bit neutral application, which means that it requires a 32 bit compatible version of the Shared C Library to be installed. If you do not already have this then you can download it here.

If you are having problems with your machine locking up when you try and access a file through a link, or are seeing other odd things happening, then you may have a problem with the ImageFSFix module supplied with ArcFS. Information on obtaining the latest version of ArcFS which has this problem cured can be found on the ArcFS support page.

Another cause of lockups in older versions is a bug in LinkFS which has been fixed in the recent versions and which affected links to files on large hard discs.