City Labels in OpenStreetMap

In the second part of his critique of OpenStreetMap Justin O’Beirne discusses various issues surrounding labelling of cities in OpenStreetMap’s cartography, specifically in our default mapnik rendering of the US. The issues he highlights can be broadly divided into two categories: problems with our stylesheets and rendering technology; and problems with our data, and in …

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Well Done New Holland Pubishers

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the use of OpenStreetMap in The London Cycling Guide and specifically about the lack of proper credit for the project and its contibutors. Well I’m delighted to say that today a representative of the publishers posted a comment on that piece apologising and explaining what they’re doing …

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Response to OS Consultation

I finally got around to writing my response to the government consultation on releasing Ordnance Survey data – you can read my formal response but the summary is basically that yes I would like them to release some data but there are serious issues around some of the details such as the proposed license.


It seems Hasbro had a brilliant idea – launch a free online version of Monopoly™. So they got Tribal DDB to build it for them and engaged on a media blitz promoting MONOPOLY City Streets everywhere they could. Then they went live… I suspect they fairly quickly wished they had done things in a slightly …

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