Yes, I Would Like a Refund

So I recently cancelled one of my credit cards - it was an American Express card with an annual fee that I had only ever intended to hold for one year to get the signup bonuses, and once the fee for the second year came due I cancelled it.

Today I got the final statement which, because of the refund of the fee for the second year, showed a credit balance. Rather than enclosing a cheque for the balance though, or indicating that they had repaid it to the account that I had been using to pay the card bills, the statement had this curious message:

What I want to know is, how many people exactly don’t want a refund, and would instead prefer to hand their credit balance over to American Express?!?

Of course their secure messaging system insists on me selecting a card before I can send a message, and won’t let me select a cancelled card, so sending them a message to ask for my refund turned into a bit of a palaver as well…

Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes
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