Crowdsourcing Audit Trail Monitoring (Part 2)

A couple of months ago I wrote a piece, inspired by the NHS Summary Care Record system, about the idea of crowdsourcing the monitoring of audit trails.

Today the Open Rights Group has an article about electronic medical records which, talking about the well known case when Gordon Brown’s medical record was accessed improperly, notes an interesting feature of the Scottish system:

Bizarrely enough, I’m slightly reassured by this story: we know about incidents in Scotland only because their Emergency Care Record system is set up to notify patients when their record has been accessed.

Of course it then goes on to say how poorly the English system compares:

In England, you have no idea if your Summary Care Record (SCR) has been accessed or not.

So it turns out that not only can my idea work in theory – it’s actually been tried and has worked in practice.

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