A Most Surprising Email

Yesterday I received a most surprising email from Thames Water. The relevant part reads as follows:

As a result of a recent data checking exercise that we have carried out, we have discovered that there was an occasion during the year 2007/08 when we did not respond to an email that you had sent to us. We are really sorry about this.

Under the terms of our Customer Guarantee Scheme, you are entitled to a payment of £30.00 plus an additional goodwill gesture of £10.00 for not making the payment at the time. If you are a Thames Water customer, the payment will be made as a credit to your water services account. If you are not billed for water and wastewater services by us, then we will make the payment by way of a cheque.

Needless to say I was more than a little astonished. I think I have now managed to work out which email they are referring to…

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