BT: The Unstoppable Phone Spam Machine

After my last run in with BT when they called me (in breach of the regulations on unsolicited marketing calls) to offer me a Visa Card I filed a complaint with the Telephone Preference Service.

I few weeks later I got a letter from BT Complaints Managment saying that my complaint had been passed on to them and they had been unable to find any record of the call to me (hint – try looking in the logs of all those Indian subcontractors you hired) but that I had been added to their suppression list so should not receive any more calls.

Well today they went for the win by calling me again – this time to try and sell me Broadband. This time round I have a recording of the call so it will be interesting to see if they try and deny it again.

What’s more as their previous letter acknowledges that they are aware of my wish not to be called they are now in violation of regulation 21(1)(a) of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 as well as regulation 21(1)(b) which they breached last time.

A second complaint has been filed with the TPS and a letter will be winging it’s way to BT later on…

Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes
Software Engineer, Developer and system administrator for OpenStreetMap

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