BT really are clinically insane

Yesterday, as mentioned in my previous post, I (eventually) sent BT a message via their web site asking them to stop making marketing calls to me.

Today, rather than just replying by email to say they would stop, they decided to phone me up. Not once. Not twice. No, they phoned me THREE times. Twice to my landline, both of which were silent calls with nobody on the other end once I answered and then to my mobile.

Why, when I’m complaining about them phoning me up would they be so insane as to think that I would welcome another high priority interrupt (in the form of a phone call) when a simple email that I could read at my leisure would suffice?

Answers please, on a postcard, to 81 Newgate Street, London…

PS If you want to block such calls yourself then 0800 0285085 is the number to redirect to the screaming monkeys on your asterisk servers…


  1. This number keeps calling all day and it disconnects my internet every time. I hate dealing with companys here in the UK. Nobody will give you their name (like they are criminals) and they do not know how to communicate professionally. Letters and bills are a joke,gawwwd now I have to waste even more time trying to make it stop!!!!

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