Tyan AST2050 Mac Address Fail

Apparently all Tyan AST2050 remote management cards have the same ethernet address (00:10:20:3d:40:5f). Certainly the ones supplied in OpenStreetMap’s two new servers, yevaud and errol, had the same address. Which means trying to talk to both from the same machine led to constant fights in the ARP table over which IP address should be mapped to that ethernet address.

To add insult to injury, attempts to change the ethernet address with ipmitool don’t seem to be working, even after a cold reset of the BMC card.


  1. Hi CSS,

    We ended up contacting Tyan Support who supplied a utility called kcsflash.exe which was able to change the MAC address.

    Was a little tricky, but worked as follows:
    1) Reflashed system bios with latest, reboot, save bios
    2) reflash AST2050 with kcsflash using NoConfig Y options. full power off cycle.
    3) kcsflash MAC XX:XX…
    And it worked :-)

    I have dumped a copy of kcsflash here: http://www.firefishy.com/util/tyan-ast2050/KCSFlash.exe

    / Grant

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