OnStream Fail

Apparently my gas meter needs to be replaced, and OnStream have been contracted to do the work.

Needing to arrange a time to do the work they wrote to me, in a letter dated 14th July, proposing to do the work on 23rd July and asking me to confirm the appointment. Allowing for the time for he letter to reach me that is basically one week’s notice.

In fact that letter did not arrive until at least the 17th July (which suggests it wasn’t posted very promptly) by which time they had already written me a second letter, dated 16th July, complaining that I hadn’t responded to their first letter (which I hadn’t even received yet!) and once again asking me to confirm their proposed appointment.

On 20th July I returned from a weekend away to find both letters on my doormat. As their proposed appointment – an all day slot on a weekday – was not convenient I immediately went to their website and requested an alternative appointment giving a number of suitable evening slots for the following week.

I heard nothing more until I got home on 23rd July, their proposed appointment date, to find a card on my doormat saying they had called and found that I was not in.

OnStream – You FAIL.

Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes
Software Engineer, Developer and system administrator for OpenStreetMap

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